Mawande Letsima


Healit has partnered with the most innovative nucleic acid amplification developers by creating technology that is fundamentally different from traditional chemistry. The technology completely solves the problems associated with primer dimer and non-specific amplification, and provides superior sensitivity and multiplicity to nucleic acid amplification and detection. 3N technology is compatible with all current nucleic acid amplification methods and is applicable to a wide range of biomedical research and clinical diagnosis. We have successfully applied this technology to the development of copy number variation (CNV) assay, various pathogen detection kits, and Hotspot Cancer Panel NGS library assays.

HealIt with its focus on women's health has partnered with Atila Biosystems to provide the cheapest approved HPV test to low middle income countries with limited resources. HPV is precursor to cervical cancer and thus early detection of HPV in women leads to early detection of cervical cancer.

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